Aravinda Bandara, Associate QA Engineer

Aravinda Bandara, Associate QA Engineer, shares the story of his dynamic career journey, talks about opportunities for professional and personal growth he discovered at Exactpro, as well as offers a glimpse of his diverse hobbies.

– I started working at Exactpro on 26 July 2022, as an Associate Quality Assurance Engineer. I completed my BSc (Hons) in Computing at Coventry University (United Kingdom). Previously, I worked as a Programming Analyst at an IT-related institute, and after that, I started my QA career as an Automation Associate QA at one of the leading IT companies in Sri Lanka.

My professional experience at Exactpro started with the NFT (Non-Functional Testing) division, where I worked on a couple of large projects related to testing exchange platforms. It was the starting point of my career in fintech😊 After that, I transitioned to another division called Foreign Exchange, and I continue working in it as a Functional tester. Based on those opportunities, I have gained both Functional and Non-functional testing experience up to now.

Aravinda Bandara, Associate QA Engineer

In the internal work environment, I had the chance to become more familiar with Python programming, automation, and Bash scripting, and the company is helping from every side to achieve this efficiently. Also, I want to emphasise that, as I was gaining experience with fintech domain testing – from beginner through to the professional level – Exactpro provided the opportunities to achieve this in the most effective ways.

Outside of work, I’m always trying to travel to some ancient and beautiful locations. Also, I have a hobby of collecting different kinds of coins and currency notes. My other favourite pastimes are watching movies,  cricket matches and playing mobile games. Also, I’m trying to use my leisure time to explore new technologies, following my passion for continuous learning and growth.

Overall, it’s been a great journey for me at Exactpro, and I'm excited to see where it takes me next :)