Standard Terms of Purchase of Online Courses

Provider Information

These Terms and Conditions govern the courses provided by Exactpro Systems Limited.

Exactpro Systems Limited is registered under company number 09485548 and VAT number 209 6683 82, registered address at Suite 2.02 St Clements House, 27 Clements Lane, London, EC4N 7AE, United Kingdom.

Contact Information:
Phone: +44 (0) 20 3319 1644


Throughout these Terms:

  • "Exactpro Systems Limited," “company”, “Exactpro”, "us," or "we" refers to Exactpro Systems Limited.
  • "Website" denotes and all of its subdomains owned by Exactpro Systems Limited.
  • "Course" or "Courses" pertains to the educational offerings on the Website.
  • "You," "purchaser," "client," "customer," "student," or "students" represent individuals or organisational representatives purchasing online courses.
  • "Terms" or "Terms and Conditions" encompasses all clauses and subclauses within this document.
  • "Online course", “Course platform” designates courses available directly through the third-party platform – Moodle.

Purchasing and Confirmation

To purchase Online courses, you must click on the dedicated button, move to the Stripe payment page and complete payment. Courses are only available via Moodle.

By proceeding with the purchase and accessing the courses on Moodle, you acknowledge and accept that any issues or concerns on the server, hardware or performance sides of the Course platform are beyond Exactpro control and are not the responsibility of our company. Please visit the Course platform's website to familiarise yourself with the Moodle Accessibility Statement.

If you are experiencing any issues with the Course platform access or performance, you must immediately inform Exactpro using the contact details provided in the Technical Support section below.

After paying for the selected course, users can log in to the course platform using the login details provided by the course administrator after payment.

The legally binding contract begins upon receipt of the order confirmation email.

The order confirmation is accompanied by an invoice.

The information required to pay for the course, such as debit or credit card details, must be provided accurately. In some cases, payment by bank transfer/invoice is possible.

If you have any questions regarding payment for the course, please contact the course administrator at the email address below in the Contact Us section.

By purchasing, you affirm:

  • legal entitlement to use the payment method;
  • accuracy of supplied information;
  • disclaimer of liability for inaccurate, incomplete, or false submissions.

Consumer Protection and Cancellations

As per the Consumer Protection (Distance Selling) Regulations 2000, cancellation is permissible within 7 days of confirmation if the course has not commenced.

Once access to the course has been granted, cancellation rights are forfeited.

Access to the Course platform is granted by Exactpro only after the payment is processed.

Currency and Payment

Payment for courses is facilitated through a secure online third-party payment platform – Stripe. Upon selecting the desired course, users are directed to the payment page where they can securely enter their payment details.

All transactions are processed in pounds sterling. VAT is added on top of the product price.

Any conversion costs or additional charges are the purchaser's responsibility.

Upon successful payment, users receive confirmation via email along with access details for the course.

Accreditation and Certificate

Our courses are accredited by ISTQB®.

Upon successful course completion (with 65% as the minimum passing grade), a downloadable Exactpro certificate is provided. Please note that this is NOT an official ISTQB® Certified Tester AI Testing (CT-AI) certificate.


Courses purchased cannot be transferred or assigned to any individual other than the individual registered for the Course.

Password and Account Activity

Confidentiality of account details is paramount. Users are accountable for safeguarding their account credentials.

If you have lost your login details, detected or suspect a security breach/unauthorised account usage, you must immediately change your login and password or/and notify Exactpro via the contact details provided in the Technical Support section below.

Termination of Account

Account termination may result from inaccurate information provision.

We reserve the right to suspend or terminate accounts breaching the Terms, with some clauses remaining enforceable post-termination.

Course Access Times

Access to courses is granted within 24 hours after payment confirmation for the Autonomous Plan and two days before the launch of the course under the Guided Plan.

Access is granted for a period of time depending on the plan purchased:

  • Autonomous Plan: 30 days
  • Guided Plan: 60 days

Guided plan: Once the access period for the 6-week course has expired, access will be restricted.

Autonomous plan: Access is provided under a monthly subscription. Once the subscription is cancelled, access will be restricted at the end of the period that has been paid for.

Intellectual Property

Exactpro Systems Limited retains intellectual property rights for all course materials.

Upon purchase, a non-transferable licence grants access solely for course completion.

Reproduction, distribution, or sharing of course materials in any form is strictly prohibited without explicit written permission from Exactpro Systems Limited.

Law and Jurisdiction

These Terms are governed by English law, with disputes falling under the exclusive jurisdiction of English courts.

We reserve the right to amend the Terms to comply with legal changes or rectify errors, with updates posted on our website.


Courses offer guidance but do not replace organisational training or legal advice.

Use of the Course content is at your own risk; we disclaim any liability for resultant losses.

Limits of Liability

Our liability is capped at course fees received.

We accept no liability for any financial or non-material loss, including that caused by the accuracy of the Course content or any issues relating to accessibility.

Events Outside our Control

We are not liable for breaches or disruptions due to Force Majeure events.

Third-Party Websites

We do not control third-party website content, which absolves us of responsibility for it.

Data Protection and Privacy

Data processing complies with our privacy policy available on our website.

Personal data is shared only with necessary financial entities and the course platform.

Technical Support

We only assist in providing Course access. The Course platform is accessible 24/7.

Downtimes are controlled and may occur for system updates with additional notification of course students 1 day prior. Technical support can be reached via email ( or via messages to the course administrator on the platform).

The Course content can be updated upon the organiser’s discretion. Updated materials are accessible to Students for as long as their Course plan is active.

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