Archil Megrelishvili, Python Developer

Do you find coding beautiful? Archil Megrelishvili, Python Developer at Exactpro, definitely does. Read Archil’s story to discover how he turns the complexities of his daily tasks into joyful experiences and achieves a well-balanced harmony between work and life.

– Joining Exactpro in August 2022 with a computer science background, I stepped into the role of a Python developer. Over the past year and five months, I've embraced the complexities of back-end development, finding joy in transforming challenging tasks into elegant solutions.

My daily work revolves around diverse stock exchange projects. I particularly enjoy creating adaptable scripts, like the CSV file generator for project-specific testing, showcasing my knack for developing practical solutions.

In my role, the blend of minimal yet effective coding and the aesthetic beauty of clear, understandable code captivates me. The project I'm assigned to is very close to my heart. It's where I grew as a developer, offering a perfect mix of manageable complexity and diverse tasks.

As I continue to evolve professionally, my focus is on improving the speed of writing and deciphering code. Up next, I plan to explore a Python framework, further broadening my technical skills.

Away from work, my life is enriched with social interactions and personal interests. Whether it's playing pool with friends, experiencing the thrill of night drives, or exploring new places, these moments provide a much-needed balance and perspective.

This journey at Exactpro is not just about professional growth but also about personal development, creating a fulfilling blend of career ambitions and life passions.