Asya Legotina, Project Manager

Asya is a Project Manager at the Exactpro office in London. Her team is currently involved in the development of market surveillance systems.

Asya joined Exactpro 8 years ago as a QA analyst. She’s worked on plenty of different projects in the company. To name a few, she has developed and tested the Exactpro in-house test tools Sailfish, ClearTH and Shsha. She has worked on quality assurance services for the world’s top exchanges.
 – Every project I worked on was different, it was always a challenge for me. And I learned to be brave, try new tasks and live in different countries. I improved my English and started to learn French. I fell in love with travelling.

Asya Legotina, Project ManagerI like and share the Exactpro core values: integrity and respect. They inspire me.
This January, I moved to London to work from our office here. Unfortunately, it’s currently impossible to dive into the city’s culture as all the performances are cancelled and all the theatres, museums and markets are closed. All social interaction is very limited. However, I make short trips around the country and walk around a lot: it’s always possible to enjoy the parks and the architecture.