Egor Yakushev, Senior Software Tester

Meet Egor Yakushev, Senior Software Tester at Exactpro, and discover the energy sources powering his impactful career in fintech.

— I joined Exactpro in 2019, having previously worked as an electronics engineer and studied Automation of Technological Processes and Production at the same time. After getting my degree, I decided to move on and start a career in IT.

From my first day at Exactpro, I have worked in the Global Exchanges division. I’ve participated in various projects, gaining significant experience in testing trading platforms. Those years of hard work have brought me to the senior position I am in now. Currently, I am working on a complex project where we use automation tools for testing a trading system. I had a chance to be invited to visit the client’s delivery site and watch how one of the world’s largest exchanges works in real life. I am also happy to be surrounded by a friendly and supportive team, and a huge number of professionals in our company. I learned that there are no issues impossible to resolve; when you gain experience with other team members and share your thoughts and concerns, any question will get its answer. I also like that each day brings new challenges: our work can’t be boring, and you always have something to figure out and optimise.

Egor Yakushev, Senior Software Tester

Outside of work, I usually spend time with my family and friends or play computer games. I also enjoy listening to music, and I have a particular interest in science documentaries and content dedicated to cars on YouTube. These hobbies help me relax and stay curious about the world around me.

I appreciate the opportunities our company gives us to grow as professionals and develop our skills. Together, we can achieve even greater heights and make a lasting impact in the industry.