Elena Moiseeva, Project Manager

Today, it's our pleasure to introduce Elena Moiseeva, Project Manager at Exactpro, as she shares her journey across disciplines, technologies and continents.

– Having initially come into fintech from a linguistics background, I have always found the process of hunting for software defects extremely interesting. I still remember my first job as a Junior QA Engineer and the feeling of excitement when I raised my first bug in the exchange platform we tested😇 Instead of being hindered by not having a technical background, I let my natural interest fuel my personal growth. This allowed me to progress in my roles and led me to join Exactpro as a Team Lead. 

For the largest part of the 11 years here, I’ve worked in the Global Exchanges division. Our client infrastructures are hosted across more than 20 countries, and our projects serve a wide community of stakeholders: exchanges, clearing houses, brokers, traders and CSDs. Our division was one of the first to start implementing  th2 – Exactpro's AI-enabled framework for automation in testing – on real-life projects.

Elena Moiseeva, Project Manager

Over the years, we have tested systems of varying functionality and complexity, which reflects the diverse nature of exchanges around the globe. It’s important for our team to improve our technical skills to keep pace with technology advancement, and to stay ahead. With AI and ML now part of our testing, we’re focused on standardising the AI Testing practice across projects and further improving it to achieve enhanced test coverage, optimisations and automation for our clients. 

With each project, I find myself continuously learning, embracing the dynamic challenges and opportunities that arise. I am especially grateful to my division colleagues who are always ready to help, guide, support, and share moments of laughter together. Despite the challenges, we maintain a supportive, collaborative atmosphere and a healthy work environment.

Going into ‘remote’ mode back in 2020 was definitely an adjustment. It also overlapped with me eventually changing location away from the delivery centre and moving to Cyprus. So, I’ve now enjoyed 4 years of hassle-free mornings, taking my time to exercise or have a long walk before starting the work day. I have more time for my relatives, friends and hobbies than back when I had to commute to the office. My family and I often go hiking or play board games. Still leaning into my natural curiosity, I am learning Greek, taking kitesurfing lessons, and keeping my mind open to the great things that are yet to come.