Elena Zudova, Project Manager, Capital Markets Division

Today, Elena Zudova, Project Manager of the Capital Markets division, Exactpro, will talk about the freedom that comes with working in IT, the professionalism of her team and her confidence in the future.

I joined Exactpro in 2014. Before that, I worked as a software engineer at a machine-building company for 1.5 years. But working at a factory with a strict schedule and corresponding working conditions wasn't something I could get used to. At Exactpro, and in IT in general, I have gained a certain freedom in choosing when and where to work, making decisions, and I really enjoy the tangible results: a product you are working on becomes a better-quality solution right before your eyes. Now, I manage a very small team that focuses on testing the platform for the end-users of a client's financial system who require changes in trading instruments.

Elena Zudova, Project Manager, Capital Markets Division

I've been a part of several teams over the years, and I've found joy and made new friends in each one. The people who surround you every day are a major portion of the satisfaction you can get from your work. Professionalism, responsibility and a positive attitude to life, even with lots of challenges coming our way, are probably the main qualities that define my colleagues. The moment of transition to the new MIFID2 directive stuck in my memory – the effort of many teams and people was focused on securing such a large-scale transformation for the financial instruments market. It was our joint responsibility, and I felt strong support from my colleagues.

During the pandemic, it is difficult to feel part of a team, but it was work that helped me cope with the hardships of the first months of self-isolation. When the situation changes so quickly and so drastically, there has to be an "island" of stability and confidence in the future. For me, this has become work from home, which I have already made a habit of. But online activities and meetings with guys outside the office help me not to forget how many wonderful people surround you every day, albeit on the other side of the screen.

I won't elaborate much on my free time, because listing my hobbies would take more than a post. Let's just say there is no craft that I haven't tried my hand at at some point. Besides, like anyone with a penchant for trying new fascinating things, I love reading and travelling.