Giorgi Goginashvili, Junior Software Tester

Today, Giorgi Goginashvili, Junior Software Tester at Exactpro, will share the story of successfully transitioning to a new career to nurture his passion for the IT industry, as well as recap his first project experience.

– My journey at Exactpro started around a year ago, while the pandemic was still a thing, but one that was slowly fading away. According to my diploma, I am a mechanical engineer and, according to my previous work experience, I am a medical technology engineer. However, I’ve always had a passion for Information Technology, and, at last, decided it was time to pursue a career in a field that better suited me.

I was excited when I landed a job at Exactpro as a software tester. To be honest, I did not actually think changing the industry would be so natural, but everything worked out perfectly. Exactpro is known for being a leader in the software testing industry, and I knew it was an ideal opportunity for me to learn and grow.

Giorgi Goginashvili, Junior Software Tester

The first several months were a little more challenging than I expected. So far, I have only worked on one project at Exactpro, which started a bit unexpectedly. On a random Monday, when I thought I was still in training and waiting for my mentor to give me a new task, I got a message from my team lead (who was a completely unknown person to me back then) saying that, apparently, I was ready for the project, and I got my first task and sailed away from the safe harbour.

After a year at Exactpro, I very much enjoy my job. I write Python scripts for automated regression testing. I see myself grow and see it every day with every task, and it just feels good when you realise that you are becoming better at what you enjoy doing.

Steep transition to my hobbies now. I like skiing, basically that's the only thing that I can say for sure as I was unable to maintain any other hobby for more than a week. Usually, in winter, I spend my free time in Bakuriani doing some ski instruction and, in summer, a bit of hiking and camping.

This is a little peek at my harmonious work-life balance.