Inthika Ramaniharan, Associate QA Engineer

Inthika Ramaniharan, Associate QA Engineer at Exactpro, talks about her professional journey, reflects on her accomplishments and project experience, as well as reveals what makes Exactpro a special place to work. 

– I joined Exactpro in August 2022 as an Associate QA Engineer, armed with a BSc degree from the University of Colombo and a PGD in IT from BCS, the Chartered Institute for IT. Prior to this, I had experience in both Full Stack Development and Quality Assurance.

My journey at Exactpro began in the Euro Markets (EM) division where I honed my skills and laid a strong foundation. Now, I am part of the AI Testing Research Team contributing to the Tabbyset project. We are developing a framework designed to manage test scripts as a dataset with the goal of optimising and streamlining the AI testing process across all Exactpro teams.

I've had the privilege of actively participating in Exactpro’s internal PyConf sessions, where I shared insights gained from my experience, learned advanced Python techniques, and discovered effective coding methods. These sessions significantly improved my coding skills, deepened my understanding of Python, and enhanced the quality of my work.

Inthika Ramaniharan, Associate QA Engineer

What I love most about my role is the constant learning and being part of a team that values innovation. Choosing Exactpro was an easy decision due to its excellent reputation and commitment to leadership  in the tech industry.

However, what truly sets my experience apart is the incredible colleagues I've had the pleasure of working with. We collaborate, share ideas, and support each other like family.

Outside of work, I enjoy watching TV series and getting crafty with some DIY projects. Reading and listening to music are also among my favourite pastimes, and spending quality time with my pets always brightens my day. When I'm in the mood for a little adventure, I'm always up for exploring new places and experiencing different cultures whenever I get the chance.

Exactpro has not only helped me grow professionally but has also given me a supportive community that values working together. It's not just a job, it feels like a second home where I excel and contribute meaningfully every day.