Ivan Scherbinin, Team Lead and Model Developer

Ivan Scherbinin, Team Lead and Model Developer at Exactpro, shares his path of transitioning through various roles, reviews the types of tools his team and he are implementing, and reveals the aspect of his work he finds most enjoyable.

– I joined Exactpro in 2016 as a Junior Software Tester. During my time here, I have tried out multiple divisions and roles: Software Tester, Software developer in Test, Team Lead of a Software Development Team, and even Project Manager Assistant.

Ivan Scherbinin, Team Lead and Model Developer

My job now is to develop various tools and scripts in Python for testing exchanges. The scripts may be intended for our main tool, our exchange model, or they may be something else like rules for recons (reconciliation components) or scripts for collecting statistics. As of now, my team and I have developed Model-based testing tool solutions for more than 10 exchanges based on both industry-standard and proprietary technology platforms. 

I like this job despite the fact that it is really challenging. It requires solid knowledge of the development process, an understanding of testing, and a lot of other skills, such as the Gitlab CI building technique. However, I like it. I like finding solutions for different problems faced by my team or the QA team during the project lifecycle. It is always really fulfilling when, after hours of trying and thinking, you finally find the problem and can fix it.

When I have free time, I like to learn something new (from recent courses: GOlang and Project management), play some video games and assemble models made of wood.