Ivan Toschakov, QA Team Lead

Ivan Toschakov, QA Team Lead at Exactpro, shares a glimpse of his personal journey – transitioning to a new career, facing challenges, and experiencing personal growth. He also talks about his passion for diverse hobbies and the excitement of overcoming mental barriers.

– I joined the company in 2016, having previously worked as a bank consultant. Even though it was more of a client-facing role, it was then that I started logging reports on software glitches, testing new versions, and communicating with developers.

The fresh start at Exactpro was a brand-new experience for me, particularly enjoyable because I had gravitated towards IT for a while, but particularly challenging due to my educational background (which is in taxation and law). However, the support and collaborative spirit of my colleagues played a pivotal role in my adaptation.

Ivan Toschakov, QA Team Lead

As I entered my second year with the company, I found myself not only embracing my role but also taking on the responsibility of training and assisting new employees. It was like paying it forward for the support I once received. Although challenging, this endeavour was both enjoyable and crucial in shaping my career progression, ultimately leading me to my current role as Team Lead. 

Outside of work, my passion lies in exploring new hobbies. Whether it's cycling, cosplay, snowboarding, working with various constructors, engaging in miniature crafting, dancing, or delving into countless other activities, I find the challenge of stepping into unfamiliar territories invigorating. I do always get mental blocks at the beginning, but the knowledge gained and the lasting impressions make every venture worth it.

Currently, I am in the middle of transitioning to a new project. The unknowns bring a degree of apprehension, yet my experience and my intrinsic motivation to explore new opportunities and foster personal growth serve as a powerful source of encouragement and resilience.