Kavini Amarasekera, Associate QA Engineer

Kavini Amarasekera, Associate QA Engineer at Exactpro, talks about her thorny path into the world of financial services technology and reveals the factors that helped her overcome all challenges and keep her motivated to this day. 

– I have been working at Exactpro since May 2022 as an Associate QA Engineer. I graduated with a Bachelor of Information Technology from the University of Colombo. I completed my final year project by building a DIY (Do-It-Yourself) dine-in food ordering system for a local restaurant. I gained work experience in various fields such as banking, marketing, and operations as I was seeking a job that could enhance my professional qualifications with adequate work experience.

At Exactpro, I was assigned to the Global Exchange division as an associate QA engineer. As a newcomer, I felt a bit overwhelmed trying to grasp the domain knowledge, as it was completely new to me. Nevertheless, I was given a mentor from the very first day, and he guided me throughout the domain, and soon it started to become exciting and interesting to learn and experience it. After proper training, I was able to join an ongoing project and start working. As of now, I have worked on two projects.

Kavini Amarasekera, Associate QA Engineer
On my current project, I analyse functional requirements of an exchange. During my project work, I was exposed to working around lots of different areas and trying different testing tools. Some of them are creating, executing, and troubleshooting test scenarios related to order validation, trade- and market-data-related queries, user connectivity, off-book trading, etc. Each day, I get to learn something new, and I started loving seeing the end result of my work. Everything I do at Exactpro is used as intended, and I truly appreciate it. My project team is very supportive and understanding, which makes it easier and more comfortable. It’s always a pleasure and fun to work with them.

Overall, I am loving my job at Exactpro. I loved the work environment in the office and the events we’ve been offered to step out of work for a bit, have a small break to relax, and then dive back into work after a good refresh. It is easy to maintain a good healthy work-life balance here. These are the reasons that encouraged me to join the company, certain that I could be my best self here. I'm so happy to be a part of the Exactpro team and hope to go on a long journey with them, as I believe that I’ve found the job I was seeking before. I'd like to thank Exactpro and the people who work there for hiring me and giving me the opportunity to work and learn at the same time.

Outside of work, I would like to keep company with my family and my pets. The perfect end to a day is sitting beside my family, having a small talk with them while my bird chirps and whistles in my ears as it sits on my shoulder. I also enjoy travelling to new places to explore other cultures, reading books, and listening to music. Furthermore, I am also seeking professional opportunities to advance my skills.