Nikoloz Bekauri, Junior Software Tester

Today, Nikoloz Bekauri, Junior Software Tester at Exactpro Georgia, will recap on what’s been an eventful first year of work and share the variety of tasks he’s tried his hand in for professional and personal purposes.

I joined Exactpro in May 2021 while I was a first-year student, with Information Technology as my major. With no prior knowledge or experience in QA, I was fascinated with the opportunities provided by the company, the flexibility it offers, the benefits, and, most importantly, the resources to develop and grow the people that work here.

I was very careful about choosing where I would start working, since I would be devoting a significant amount of time to work, that is when I came across Exactpro, and it was a perfect fit. I started as a Junior Software Tester and immediately felt welcome. People here are great, and I enjoy working in a multicultural environment a lot. There was a lot to learn in a short timeframe, but my teammates were very helpful, and things went smoothly.

Nikoloz Bekauri, Junior Software Tester

I had been doing manual testing for the past year, but recently, it was decided to automate a part of the test cases for the project I am currently on, so, as a result, I now do both automation and manual testing.

Before Exactpro, I have done multiple developer internships and courses for different coding languages. It is a good thing that one of them was Python, since I get to use it on a daily basis now. Not to mention how handy the knowledge of other coding languages comes in when approaching developers with the bugs I’ve detected.

Some hobbies of mine that I have been doing recently are snowboarding, skateboarding, playing drums, and doing spray paint art. I deepen my knowledge of Python and C# on a weekly basis by working on a couple of personal projects. Recently, I have been learning a lot about 3D tools – Unreal Engine and Blender.