Pamosha Wijesekera, Junior QA Engineer

Today, Pamosha Wijesekera, Junior QA Engineer at Exactpro, will share why quality assurance is a captivating domain, and what personal and professional benefits a fresh-out-of-college specialist gets while pursuing a career in software testing.

I joined Exactpro in February 2022, at the time when I had just graduated from my university, the Sri Lanka Institute of Information Technology. After receiving a Bachelor's degree in Information Technology specialising in Software Engineering, I was searching for a good opening to my career and, fortunately, found the best place for that at Exactpro.

During my time at the university, I got interested in Software Quality Assurance due to the criticality, significance and responsibility of this profession. In mission critical software projects, quality assurance plays a major role, and I liked to be a part of such a team which goes through various challenges. 

I am a Junior QA Engineer at Exactpro assigned to the Global Exchanges Division which works with many exchange systems. I'm currently doing functional testing on exchange systems. As a newcomer, one may feel overwhelmed trying to grasp the domain, but it's so exciting and interesting to learn and experience it. Further, I like to improve my skill set with the constant support, guidance and supervision of experts at Exactpro.

Pamosha Wijesekera, Junior QA Engineer

My job is related to one of the most popular domains at present, and that knowledge and experience will definitely add more value to my profile. What I like most in my job is getting good exposure to the latest software testing technologies used to test exchange systems.

Exactpro is distributed over many countries and provides the team members with a good opportunity to interact with colleagues from different countries. I think it's a nice experience a person can have during their lifetime. There are many learning opportunities provided by the company, and experienced specialists at Exactro are eager to share their knowledge with us through various programs and media. This is really helpful for the freshers to be able to lay a strong foundation for their career. I'm so happy to be a part of the Exactpro team and hope to go on a long journey with them.

As for time outside of work, I like to spend it with my family and friends. Also, I like to visit beautiful places on the island. I like music so much and like to sing, play and listen to good music in my free time. It helps to clean and heal my mind.