Sanduni Ramanayake, Associate QA Engineer

Sanduni Ramanayake, Associate QA Engineer at Exactpro, talks about her professional path and the diversity of tasks she gets to solve, as well as reveals the most noteworthy turning point of her life.

– I started working at Exactpro in May 2022 as an Associate Quality Assurance Engineer. Before joining Exactpro, I worked as an intern software engineer for a software company specialising in telecommunication services. I earned a Bachelor's degree in Information Technology and Management from the University of Moratuwa, Sri Lanka. Joining Exactpro is one of the most remarkable turning points of my life, for many reasons.

I joined Exactpro because one of my friends recommended it to me. The interview was an unforgettable memory, since it was the longest interview (nearly 3 hours) that I had ever faced in my life as a beginner in testing. But, most importantly, I appreciate how the interviewers interacted with me in a friendly manner.

Sanduni Ramanayake, Associate QA Engineer

To be honest, before joining the company, I had no knowledge of the trading industry. During the first few weeks, I was assigned to a senior member of the company to become familiar with the basics of the industry. I consider it a wonderful opportunity to learn and understand what the company is actually doing. After a few weeks of going through different learning materials and taking up project tasks, I was assigned to a project which made me excited about my work.

In the project, I mainly did automation testing and later got hands-on experience regarding test scenario creation, test case writing, bug reporting, and manual testing too. This is a valuable opportunity that an associate QA engineer can gain as a beginner. Regarding the technologies, I learned about the th2 framework, Sailfish executions, test report analysis, and even Python.

Recently, we’ve started getting encouraged to learn Python, as it will be helpful in future projects and tasks. It's great to be able to learn on the job, it benefits everyone by immediately improving their skill set in software testing and, by association, our technology offering.

Another fact that I’ve noticed while working at Exactpro is the team spirit. Everyone on the project team helps each other to achieve the goals. It is, especially, the support of senior team members that makes the work easier for juniors. And what I learned from my project manager is about proper document management. He is an expert in Excel, which  inspires me to search for new features in Google Sheets.

I love the working environment at our company. In Sri Lanka, we are supposed to work at the office three days a week and the remaining two days from home, which makes us feel less stressed during the week. The atmosphere inside the office is also much more comfortable for working freely. Additionally, we have some fun activities to engage in as a team once a month.

Apart from my work life, I love to spend my time relaxing. I usually like to stay at home, but, sometimes, I go on a trip with my friends or family. And my favourite hobby is cooking food from different cultures.

To conclude the story of my journey at Exactpro, I really like working here, and it makes me improve myself in different ways. I would not hesitate to recommend the company to anyone interested in trying out new testing methods and strategies.