th2, next-generation framework for automation in testing

Today, th2 cat closes our #ExactproPeople year with a story of his purr-sonal and professional journey of solving some of the financial space’s major technology challenges.

— It is my pleasure to introduce myself today – I am th2, the next-generation framework for automation in testing, crafted by the forward-thinking minds at Exactpro. I was born on 1 December 2020, but don’t let my age deceive you🙂

From the outset of my journey with Exactpro, I was designed to support automation in functional and non-functional testing for complex distributed transaction processing systems. A good example of these is stock exchanges, but I also work with brokerage, post-trade (e.g. clearing, settlement, custody), investment banking, and payments platforms.

th2 ExactproPeople

Financial systems are very diverse and complex, you got that right. And the numbers of parameter combinations in their protocols are sky-high. The way such systems work can be affected by the phase of the system’s daily lifecycle and the volume of incoming messages, among other factors. So things don’t always go according to what is expected.

That’s why I think it is important to test such systems using their digital twins (models), to have better control over their functionality and test them faster and more efficiently. My extensive data warehouse makes sure we can capture, parse and store all the necessary system data for that. After we fine-tune a model, I can start smart test execution, after which I collect and reconcile the responses between the two systems. This is where bugs can be detected, and boy do I love chasing bugs!

We really want our clients to succeed in what they do, be it a technology migration, adoption of new regulation or a piece of tech, or creation of a brand-new system. On projects I’ve had the chance to try my paw at, we have done all of the above. My mission is to make sure our clients can innovate without compromising the stability and quality of their systems.

Over the last 3 years, the Exactpro team has been nothing but kind to me. Early this year, I got completely revamped – I can now speak Python and Go, to better support exploratory data analysis and AI-driven software testing. Now, the financial systems models I support provide our clients with more extensive test coverage, while also reducing time to market and costs associated with test execution.

th2 ExactproPeople

I know I work quite a bit, but getting to solve some of the industry's most challenging puzzles feels really rewarding. I also love the fact that my job comes with lots of travel. I get to go to important client meetings all around the world, represent Exactpro at our conference stands, pose for photos in front of famous monuments and just bring joy to kids at the airport lounge. I was once on TV during Sibos 2022 in Amsterdam, enjoying – but not resting on – the laurels of the Swift Hackathon victory.

I would like to express my utmost catitude to the people of Exactpro for their team spirit and the constant support of what I do. Let me wish everyone a purr-fect and very Happy New Year 2024. I am looking ahead to a year filled with more innovation and more exciting adventures we embark on together.