Vladimir Panarin, Project Manager

I came to Exactpro more than 10 years ago, having prior experience in developing several freeware products. At that time, the company had just opened its Kostroma branch.
During my career with Exactpro, I have been on many development projects in different teams and improved my English to the point where I am confident when talking to foreign clients (including non-native speakers of English). I have also participated in a wide variety of work processes: project launch, forming and leading teams, customer support, investigating and solving problems, including the ones that are not described online. 
For example, we once had to solve a compatibility problem between an Oracle ADF application and Internet Explorer 7. User authorization in the application did not work in this browser, as it was already outdated at the time. We didn't find a ready-made solution to this problem. So, we implemented additional logic in the application specifically for this case, which gave users the opportunity to work with the application till their workstations got an updated browser.

Vladimir Panarin, Project ManagerOn my way from an ordinary developer to a development project manager with a team of 15 people, I have seen many examples of how difficult tasks, seemingly insoluble in a reasonable timeframe, were solved thanks to the efforts of the people who fought for them. It is my greatest pleasure to work alongside specialists who treat their work more than just a source of income. And it is nice to see that the efforts of such people do not go unnoticed. ?  
I am very glad that such a small city as Kostroma has an office of such a large company as Exactpro. This allows Kostroma developers to work at a modern IT company while staying in their hometown.