Our Python for Machine Learning Bootcamp video series was created by the Exactpro Data Science division. The course aims to introduce you to the Python programming basics necessary for performing data analysis tasks and will provide you with a foundation to kickstart your career in Data Science.

Session 1 — Jupyter Notebook

Session 1 introduces Jupyter, talks about the Jupyter Notebook setup, work, and formatting your code in line with the PEP8 style guide. The course is suitable for beginners with no coding background, it is concise and “to the point”, so if you want to gain some coding skills in a short timeframe, this will be a good fit.

Session 2 — Basic Data Types and Operators

Session 2 features simple data types and operators. We discuss strings, integers, floats, and None values and learn the most common arithmetic, assignment, comparison, and logical operations.

Session 3 — Data Structures

In Session 3, we discuss non-primitive data types including tuples, lists, dictionaries, as well as some of the new operators and functions.

Session 4 — Conditions If Statements Loops

Session 4 of our Python4ML Bootcamp video series reviews Condition and Loop operators, ‘range’ and ‘slice’ functions and much more.

Session 5 — Pandas

In Session 5, we discuss Pandas, a data analysis library for working with numerical tables and time series. The package is commonly used for data preprocessing and EDA.

Session 6 — Pyplot

Session 6 discusses data visualisation tools that help you effectively illustrate dependencies and patterns hidden in your data.

Session 7 — Functions

In Session 7, we discuss functions, the benefits of using them in your code, as well as the input and output data specifics in Python.

Session 8 — Sample Project Structure

The final session of the Python4ML Bootcamp, we discuss setting up a team workflow in Google Colab. The topic of this session was inspired by our team’s participation in SWIFT Hackathon 2021.